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[February 20th]











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[February 19th]
[ mood | confused ]

well yesterday was quite the adventure. got really fucking drunk to the point where i woke up this morning not remembering anything at all. i notice scratches on my palm, my hair tied up i guess because i was puking. it all was very strange. of course my mom found out and is now going crazy, claiming to "ground" me and like send me off somewhere. i laugh. i did kinda feel bad though and actually hugged her for the first time in god knows how long. i feel like ultimate crap and just want to lie down all day but i cant fall asleep. ive just been laying in bed with my cat and watching 8 mile haha, dont ask why. i really dont know.  i hope this vacation wont repeat itself like yesterday. i really dont like the feeling of not knowing what you did the night before. its pretty scary. my mom thinks im going to turn out like my alcoholic drug addict dad which is bullshit. me out of all people can handle myself. im really careful about these kinds of things which is why im gonna lay low for awhile with the whole alcohol shit. i can amuse myself in other ways i presume. keep holding on to this whole photography thing, its like therapy to me. i dont know, im a mess and kinda bummed out about everything. my family is so hypocritcal and always up my ass. it comes to the point where id rather just live in a car on the side of the road than sleep here another night. too many horrible memories in my room, theyll always eat away at me. well on a lighter note yesterday afterschool jax came over for a few minutes and layed around in my extremely "neat" room. heres a couple of snap shots.

i just need some wawa and my mommyCollapse )

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[February 15th]
[ mood | contemplative ]

ricky kassoCollapse )

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[February 12th]
[ mood | content ]


fucking booze.

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[February 6th]
[ mood | viggo0o ]

viggo mortensen gave me multiple orgasms while watching texas chainsaw massacre III. whats more sexier than having a crazed lunitic licking blood (thats for you jax) off his finger and ultimately getting set on fire. hey, and this is far from sarcasm ladies, just see for youself :

if all serial killers were like this...Collapse )

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the mindless whores who ruin hardcore music [January 31st]
[ mood | amused ]

"i hate people who try really hard to be "scene" and put little hearts after everthing they say and try to make their myspace comments cool and artsy. your gay."

*later on in her myspace*

"baths.<3 the ocean <3 getting out of here as soon as i possibly can. getting peirced. " - keep in mind this girl like has a lip ring crudding off her face and a nose loop that she just had to put in when she turned "hawrd-kore"


"fill out. post a comment

"this video is porn to me...... look at that lip bite... so fuckin hot... <3 "

"give me a kiss .... <333"

a group she belongs to: Scene Boys in Chick Pants

"Heroes: Myself. <;3"


...Nahhh, she doesnt do that shit. hahaha. fucking cunt.

P.S- remembering never tomorrow!!!! heartzheartzheartz!

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[January 24th]
[ mood | ugh. ]

i'd like to sleep forever.

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